Upswing in Downtown

Before joining El Paso Media Group, I was a relative stranger to Downtown El Paso. Although I was born and raised in the city and have lived here for most of my adult life, I admit that I was not very Downtown-savvy.
Growing up, my Downtown excursions were limited to occasional (and obligatory) dates with my dad to the symphony and as I got older, I periodically treated myself to the Chilean Sea Bass at Café Central. But really, I was unaware of any fun or exciting happenings in the area and the thought of navigating through one-way streets, throngs of pedestrians and overcrowded parking lots seemed daunting, to say the least.
That is, until I began working at EPMG. On my first day with the group, I remember being quite impressed with the historic Cortez Building (after three years there, we’ve recently relocated to the Bank of America building at 416 N. Stanton). I was awed by the marble floors in the lobby and surprised by the building’s regal gold elevator doors and charming crown moldings. I would soon discover that the building was not only beautiful, but, like many Downtown edifices, played a vital role in El Paso history and development.
I then began to view Downtown through a different lens. EPMG takes great pride in their hometown and work tirelessly to promote the city, both in its great potential and existing merit. I soon learned that El Paso’s Downtown district has plenty to offer, from exciting monthly museum events and movie nights at the beautifully renovated Plaza Theatre to free concerts and impressive expos and tradeshows. And if you look closely enough, you will find that the area is packed with upscale restaurants and bars (check out Downtown’s Union Plaza!) as well as stunningly crafted buildings.
And now more than ever, it seems that other El Pasoans are taking notice of the diamond in the rough that is our city’s Downtown. With forces like Mills Plaza Properties and the Paso del Norte Group working towards achieving a revitalized Downtown, I am thrilled at the prospect of working with this team of community leaders to re-establish the area as the heart of the city.
I hope you’re as excited as I am about the future of Downtown and encourage you to join in its progress by re-introducing yourself to the area; changes are happening everyday and although it may take some time to see the end result, I am confident that a greater city is on the horizon.
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Cassandra Yardeni

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