“Best Of”? Not Always Lame, and Kind of OK.

Jay Koester at the Best of Times (http://elpasotimes.typepad.com/best/) or whatever the heck his blog is called gave NPT a little shot Wednesday — May 28, 2008 — for posting this image (http://newspapertree.com/culture/2497-juarez-mexico-it-ain-t-kansas ) in the form of an article. He calls it a “lame story.” Whoever said every single item we post has to be a story? His postings sure aren’t always (maybe even ever) stories. Then he goes and says we usually have “ok” stuff. That disappointed me a little, until I realized two things: 1) We have our own blog and 2) Jay’s just a blogger (albeit on a relatively large — El Paso speaking, that is — platform) and about the only significant thing he’s ever done is to call Theresa Caballero crazy. But other than that, Jay’s a good guy, and he usually has ok stuff.


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