Violence In the World

According to the El Paso Police Department from 2006 to 2007 the crime rate in El Paso decreased but as we see crime never actually goes away and in this time of complete chaos in our neighboring twin city we find ourselves in complete disarray as we are faced with real dangerous situations. New articles were posted on Newspaper Tree:

Violent Crime Up in El Paso, Property Crime Down

by NPT Staff

The FBI attributed at least part of the increase to violent street gangs: “By the FBI taking on the leadership of a violent El Paso street gang, the Barrio Aztecas, we hope to see the number of murders and aggravated assaults in our city reduced,” said Special Agent in Charge Cuthbertson.

What a tragedy it is to know that people on the border suffer because of the choices that others make for them. Even more tragic is the fact that no one can do anything about it. Hopefully the violence will end…handcuffs


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