It’s 134 degrees outside, but I’m sitting inside the El Paso Media Group office where Jessica keeps the A/C at the temperature of an igloo. But she keeps me warm with her laugh-out-loud dialogue and quirky comments. I’m approaching the end of my second week as a graphic design intern for EPMG. I’ve photoshopped my little heart out, designed a few letterheads and been thrown head first into a real live professional atmosphere. 


When I threw my graduation cap into the air, tassel shimmering in the hot El Paso sun, the only thing stopping me from leaving my little border town was three long months until my first semester at Texas Christian University. And finally, miles away from home, I became a freshman sorority girl who progressed into a sophomore graphic design major, a junior anti-sorority girl and a senior with a victory lap remaining.


And while I grew four years wiser away from home, the west Texas town of El Paso has drawn me back for a summer of culture, Mexican food, old friends, family and Jessica’s relationship advice. This is my last summer as a kid, as an undergraduate, as free as a bird. And I’m scared to death. But my afternoons as an intern keep my brain from shrinking. I’m preparing for the day my parents officially kick me out of the nest, for the real world, for an adventure that begins here at EPMG. 


Lindsay Moore


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