Charlando Means Chit Chat

Day twelve of my internship.
Though I’d love to be sprawled out on a beach chair near the waves of some exotic location (Cabo, perhaps?), spending my summer afternoons with the El Paso Media Group has drawn me closer to this “real world” that college graduates speak of. And it’s actually delightful. Editing images, creating advertisements and manipulating typefaces can only instigate so much satisfaction. Really it’s the wonderful people at EPMG that make this leap into adulthood so exciting. Each member of this company is a real, funny, ambitious individual who makes me want to succeed, to join this march toward creating a great product.
Perhaps the funniest, most ambitious individual is Lisa D. And perhaps you’ve heard of her, this Renaissance woman. Editor of EPMG, mother of two adorable blond boys, office comedian and now host of Charlando con la Gringa, this white girl has her hands full. Yesterday was Lisa’s first day on air at KAMA 750 AM (tune in from 4-6, Monday through Friday!). She’s “totally awesome” and “totally cute” and she totally interviewed El Paso’s mayor, John Cook. Lisa D is charismatic, smart and entertaining. And I’m not just saying that because she’s my boss. Really, listen to her show. Listen to Lisa D learn Spanish. You might learn something, too.

Lindsay Moore, Intern


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