My Life in Radio 6.23.08

Today El Paso Media Group started yet another media venture in El Paso, a bilingual talk radio show on an all-Spanish language station, KAMA 750 AM, called Charlando con La Gringa and I’m the gringa you are supposed to charlando with. And the totally fun part is I know about 17 words in Spanish (comer, dinero, adios, gracias, queso, malo, etc.). The bilingual part of the show comes when a caller only speaks Spanish to me and I say, “what?” Actually, today was a total success as I had Jessica Valdez and Christine Aguilar in the studio with me and they both speak lovely Spanish and Pete the board operator speaks Spanish too; The three of them handled the Spanish callers beautifully.

Mayor John Cook joined us during the second hour of the show and several callers had the chance to chat it up – once caller was a pro-recall and that added a little grit to the show. I prefer the callers add grit and I stay behind the scenes as a “moderator” – I think it’s better that way,sometimes…

Melina Castro was supposed to open the show but she had a family emergency and will reschedule. I plan to talk to her about fashion and how cute she is.

My college roommate that is spending the summer in upstate New York called the show to wish me well and several other fans. That was fun. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes. If you listen in and have comments, send them to or call the show between 4-6 p.m. weekdays at 880-5262, I would love to hear from you.

Lisa Degliantoni, Host of Charlando con La Gringa, KAMA 750 AM


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