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I Love Chorizo!!

Look at this photo Cassie D took recently at Jordan’s Produce on South El Paso Street. It’s a pig, shaped out of Chorizo. Did you know that Chorizo has a Wikipedia page? Now you do.

Chorizo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Spanish chorizo and Portuguese chouriço get their distinctive smokiness and deep red colour from dried smoked red peppers (pimentón/pimentão or colorau).


McCain Chooses Woman for Veep Slot

Of course how exciting for a woman to be chosen for this position.

Very smart move John McCain. We’ll fill you in on what all the talking heads and DavidK have to say about this choice as the story unfolds.

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Moreno Disses Chavez

Jaime will join me  on Charlando con La Gringa today from 5-6 p.m. to disucss this piece and address some of the readers responses that have come in about it. Tune in to KAMA 750 AM or stream it from Call the show at 880-5262 or email me at

Paul Moreno Dishonors the Legacy of Cesar Chavez

by Jaime R. Abeytia

Moreno should know that an effort to use the name of Cesar Chavez to divide two communities that have struggled for equality and social justice is the opposite of the teachings of Cesar Chavez and the ideals he stood for.

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No me gustan los animales de la calle

Just when I thought local news was experiencing a dry spell, David Crowder proposes the story below. Let it be known that I am not a fan of feral animals (cats, dogs, turtles, etc.) and if the dogs are wrongfully convicted, so be it, they have no tags and no microchips and should be dealt with accordingly. What I am interested in is finding out is the real reason Fernie the Attorney is taking on this case. Hopefully he will join me on Charlando to discuss. Update! Fernie the Attorney will join me this Thursday from 4-5 p.m. on Charlando con La Gringa. Listen in at KAMA 750 AM or stream us from You can call the show at 880-5262 or email us at

Defending the Underdogs

by David Crowder

Defense attorney Fernando Chacon will intervene on behalf of two dogs suspected of killing a pronghorn antelope and a sand hill crane at the El Paso Zoo last week.

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What Michelle Obama wore for Her Keynote Address

The aniticipation and excitement was unbelieveable and all over an outfit.Michelle Obama surprised everyone with a classically cut dress and a well-received speech about her husband Barack Obama.

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What will Michelle Obama wear tonight?

Tonight’s speech by Michelle O. will bring all kinds of experts out to discuss how she fared and one topic that will attract the deepest of analysis is her fashion choice.

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Monday, Monday….

It’s Monday and although you might assume that’s a slow day for news and opinion, you are wrong. Today is a great day for news and opinion, especially for Newspaper Tree.

This weekend Sito Negron made his way to Denver to cover the Democratic National Convention. He will submit stories for NPT and El Diario de El Paso, call into Charlando and maybe make some appearances on the KVIA evening news. We’re excited for his perspective and reporting on this historical and sexy convention.

This morning, DavidK published his tell-all opinion piece about his rise and fall from grace at KHRO. David leaves no one out of this local talk radio saga; read it quick, so you can participate in the water cooler chatter. (The photo of David on the right is of him at the KAMA 750 AM studios, looking very happy to be on Charlando con La Gringa. Today is a fantastic day to listen as Beto O’Rourke, Steve Ortega and Veronica Escobar have all promised to stop by between 4 and 6 p.m.)

Did we miss anything? Let us know at Happy Monday.

MX Wins First Gold in 200 Years!

My co-workers are so excited because Mexico won a gold medal (one of them even painted her toe nails in celebration, see photo)!

This is the headline “Mexico’s Guillermo Peres wins men’s 58kg taekwondo gold.” Mexico hasn’t won a gold medal since the Sydney Olympics in 2000, when Soraya Jimenez won a gold in power lifting (Soraya was the first women ever to win a gold medal from Mexico). The last man to win a gold medal was in 1984, Raul Gonzalez won gold in the fast walk.

As an American, coming off of the Phelps wave, I can’t even fathom that action and feel true happiness for my co-workers although i have no intention of painting my toenails any shades of green anytime soon.

Congratulations Mexico and Guillermo Peres for making Mexico proud and for kicking butt in a totally Eastern sport!

Hybrid Radio

Don’t forget that today is DavidK’s day on Charlando con La Gringa and so is Monday. As you might know, we are adding a boy to the mix and a little more politics. I tend to focus on food, cute boys and culture and mixing it up a bit with politics makes for better/smarter radio.

On KHRO, Greg F. has been out of town this week and Paul Strelzin has been back in the mornings. I don’t throw up in my mouth when I listen to the Strelz, so I’ve actually been tuned into KHRO all week, at least on my drive to work. Although yesterday on my drive home from Charlando, I tuned into the Ken Hudnell show and he was talking about a Chinese woman who gave birth to her own grandchild. Why Ken? Why would you do that to your listeners?

Have you been listening to Charlando? If yes, you would have heard yesterday’s show with James and Mel Clarkston, both certified loons yet very interesting people. James called his music professors from UTEP a very bad word and Pete had to beep him and Mel talked about her painting of a big-bummed Mexicana on the cover of James’ latest cd “Fiesta Mexicana.” An Anglo and his Anglo wife talking about the imagery necessary to portray the feeling of an instrumental compilation of Mexican songs, now that is hybrid radio and hybrid culture at it’s best and onlyEl Paso culture can provide that content and only Charlando con La Gringa is bold and sexy enough to put it out on the airwaves. You can meet James and Mel tonight at a CD listening party at their store on 407 E. Nevada at 6 p.m., they sell candy cigarettes and I’m going to buy a pack and smoke ’em.

Apply for Don’s Job

Here is the job listing for the position of editor of the El Paso Times.

EDITOR – The El Paso (TX) Times. The publishers of The El Paso Times have asked us to assist in their search for an Editor. This is the largest newspaper (70,000 daily, 84,000 Sunday circulation) in the Texas New-Mexico Newspaper Partnership between MediaNews Group and Gannett. The group is managed by MediaNews Group, a leading news and information company that publishes more than 55 newspapers throughout the U.S. The partnership includes a number of New Mexico daily and weekly newspapers. To learn more about the El Paso Times and the other newspapers in the TNP, visit As the overall editor, you’ll lead a 70 person newsroom including 8 direct reports, and have overview responsibility for the content and design of the print publication and the web site. We need someone with a commitment to – and passion for – the interactive/online component. We are seeking an exceptional editor with a strong passion for producing a truly exceptional newspaper that connects with the market. The right candidate will have experience with a large daily in a big, complex market. You’ll need to demonstrate a proven track record, sound news judgment and strong leadership abilities. This is a hands-on, lead-by-example position. If you enjoy the role of mentor and trainer; if you are organized and disciplined; if you have an open management style; if you enjoy being involved and visible in the community, we’d like to talk with you immediately. A bachelor’s degree in journalism, or closely related field, and a minimum of five years experience in newsroom leadership are required. Due to the high Hispanic population, Spanish language skills would be a big plus, but not an absolute requirement. You’ll report directly to the Publisher and be part of a winning team of professionals who have big plans for the future. This is MediaNews Group, one of the country’s biggest and most exciting newspaper companies. The opportunity for future career advancement is unlimited, keyed to your contribution to the continued success of the El Paso Times. For more about the parent company, visit Scenic El Paso is located in extreme western Texas, along the Rio Grande River. It adjoins both the state of New Mexico and the country of Mexico. With its classic Western geography and because it shares an international border with Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, rich culture pervades everything in El Paso, from its art and architecture to its celebrations and cuisine. A mostly sunny, dry climate makes it possible to enjoy most outdoor activities year-round. It has state-of-the-art educational and medical facilities, abundant cultural and entertainment opportunities, year-round sports and outdoor recreation, a low crime rate, some of the best weather conditions on the planet, and an extremely favorable cost-of-living index and low housing costs – and, Texas has no state income tax. They offer a very competitive compensation program that will be keyed to your experience and track record. They also provide excellent health and life benefits and a 401K program. If you have interest, please e-mail your resume to If your experience lines up with the requirements of the position, we’ll be in touch very quickly to begin the interviewing process. Scott Little, Media Recruiters, California office, 530.342.6036.