Staff Sergeant J. C. Calvo

I promised (weeks ago, but then i jumped on an airplane and totally disconnected for 10 days) to post some info about a recent caller to Charlando con La Gringa, Staff Sergeant J. C. Calvo. Calvo is from El Paso and has been stationed in Seoul, Korea for 10 months. In order to stay connected to El Paso, Calvo has been listening to Charlando con La Gringa. How fun is that? He was able to listen to the show via and then secured a designated DSL line out of the base to call the show and chit chat.

Of course I wanted evidence that the call from Korea was real, so I asked Calvo to send a photo of himself, which he did. Pictured here is Calvo attending Korean etiquette school. Muy interesante!

Here are some stats Calvo provided about himself; “I do eat bbq (Korean), I am stationed at Suwon Air Base – about 1.25 hours from Seoul, I have served over 11 years, I will try to stay in El Paso.”

Thanks for listening and calling Calvo! We’ll keep the content hyper-El Paso so that your connection stays alive.



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