Don Flores Resigns From the El Paso Times

Wow! Talk about media shakeup. I cannot believe that Don Flores, an executive and the top editor at the El Paso Times for 15 years, would just leave a daily newspaper without warning or giving them time to find a replacement (although I did hear a rumor that the Times might not replace him). Thinking about the amount of to dos on my list of deliverables running a monthly magazine, I can’t imagine the amount of work that has been to doled out or taken on by the next person or people that replace him.

We wrote about his departure on Newspaper Tree and there are all kinds of interesting reader responses flying around: “A man who seemed to delight in tearing down a person by yelling and swearing at them in the middle of the newsroom,” Still A. Journalist; “who cares? who even still reads that paper? the USA today is even more informative. my cat wont even scat on the elpasotimes,” deez; “I only hope Don isn’t through with journalism, as he is a man whose standards of fairness,push for diversity in the newsroom and protection of the 1st Amendment have been strong as long as I’ve known him,” Jim Conley.

What does this mean for the El Paso Times, is this good news or bad news? I am going to try my hardest to find out and will keep you posted. And if any of you run into Flores on the street, please let him know I would like to invite him to join me on Charlando con La Gringa, let him know we can stick to “fun” topics. Thanks!


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