Hybrid Radio

Don’t forget that today is DavidK’s day on Charlando con La Gringa and so is Monday. As you might know, we are adding a boy to the mix and a little more politics. I tend to focus on food, cute boys and culture and mixing it up a bit with politics makes for better/smarter radio.

On KHRO, Greg F. has been out of town this week and Paul Strelzin has been back in the mornings. I don’t throw up in my mouth when I listen to the Strelz, so I’ve actually been tuned into KHRO all week, at least on my drive to work. Although yesterday on my drive home from Charlando, I tuned into the Ken Hudnell show and he was talking about a Chinese woman who gave birth to her own grandchild. Why Ken? Why would you do that to your listeners?

Have you been listening to Charlando? If yes, you would have heard yesterday’s show with James and Mel Clarkston, both certified loons yet very interesting people. James called his music professors from UTEP a very bad word and Pete had to beep him and Mel talked about her painting of a big-bummed Mexicana on the cover of James’ latest cd “Fiesta Mexicana.” An Anglo and his Anglo wife talking about the imagery necessary to portray the feeling of an instrumental compilation of Mexican songs, now that is hybrid radio and hybrid culture at it’s best and onlyEl Paso culture can provide that content and only Charlando con La Gringa is bold and sexy enough to put it out on the airwaves. You can meet James and Mel tonight at a CD listening party at their store on 407 E. Nevada at 6 p.m., they sell candy cigarettes and I’m going to buy a pack and smoke ’em.


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