Monday, Monday….

It’s Monday and although you might assume that’s a slow day for news and opinion, you are wrong. Today is a great day for news and opinion, especially for Newspaper Tree.

This weekend Sito Negron made his way to Denver to cover the Democratic National Convention. He will submit stories for NPT and El Diario de El Paso, call into Charlando and maybe make some appearances on the KVIA evening news. We’re excited for his perspective and reporting on this historical and sexy convention.

This morning, DavidK published his tell-all opinion piece about his rise and fall from grace at KHRO. David leaves no one out of this local talk radio saga; read it quick, so you can participate in the water cooler chatter. (The photo of David on the right is of him at the KAMA 750 AM studios, looking very happy to be on Charlando con La Gringa. Today is a fantastic day to listen as Beto O’Rourke, Steve Ortega and Veronica Escobar have all promised to stop by between 4 and 6 p.m.)

Did we miss anything? Let us know at Happy Monday.


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