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Beck Plays Secret Show @ The Percolator

As most of you know, we’ve been broadcasting Charlando con la Gringa live from the Percolator on Thursdays from 4-6 p.m. and it’s been soooo fun. Well, last week after the show on 9/25 Beck performed a late-night secret show at midnight for about 200 fans. We covered it here on Newspaper Tree. Vanity Fair also covered the event online, featuring the writing skills of ex-pat Andi Tarin. Pictured in the VF online slide show (and to the right) is Anne Giangiulio, a UTEP prof, artist, mother, wife and all around super rad lady. We are thrilled someone like Beck loves us and for everyone that kept it a secret (mainly Bobby), good job.


Open letter to whoever is bailing everyone out, by DavidK

Consider this my official request for cash bail out. I promise I won’t ever do the things I did to get in this position again. Just like those big companies — Fannie, Freddie and AIG — showed you their mistakes; I’m willing to show you mine.

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Live from Downtown El Paso – it’s Charlanda con La Gringa!

We did it! Live from the Percolator in Downtown El Paso we broadcast our radio show Charlando con La Gringa. Pictured here is Sito Negron, editor of, and Alejandra Gomez, Newspaper Tree contributor from Juárez, on the radio. We are going to do this every Friday, and if you want to drop by and give a shout out or try your hand at being a DJ, stop by. The Percolator is right across the street from the Wells Fargo building on Stanton between Mills and Texas. For more information call us at 915.351.0605.

Do I want mush men or mavericks in the White House? by Deborah Myers

“Am I going to vote Democrat or Republican in the presidential race? Am I going to vote for Sarah Palin? I did indeed say Palin and not McCain. Why? McCain is more moderate and represents my views more so than Palin. But Palin is a woman and I am tired of watching women battle sexism year after year and see so little change. So I am inclined to vote for a woman because it gets a woman closer to the White House.” Click here to read the full opinion piece.

We invited Deborah Myers to publish this opinion as it’s part of a very important debate among voters in America and we knew the comments to the piece would be colorful. Myers is a former El Pasoan who attended UTEP and Austin High School and who stays in touch with local politics. She now lives in California with her family. Below are several excerpts of the comments available on NPT following Myers’ opinion piece.


September 14, 2008

For an indivisual to vote on a candidate based on gender, is not only narrow minded, but neglegent and arrogant. A careless move considering whats at stake and the pivotal point and issues that this nation is faced with. It’s your vote and that’s to be respected, but unfortunately you’ve entered the stage w/o meaning.

oh brother

September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin got into political office because she claimed she was bored because her husband was out working. Her background is as a SPORTS newscaster.


September 14, 2008

This is depressing. American voters are such dolts. We will probably get another 4 years of the Bushies (Palin/McCain) and will continue to see our country go down the drain. Sad, sad, sad.

Let’s Talk About Suicide by David Crowder

In the past two weeks, we’ve reported the attempted suicide of a former El Paso school trustee after his arrest on bribery and other corruption charges and on the death by suicide of a former El Paso Times publisher.
And we have caught a bit of scolding for it.

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Too bad my kids and I can’t eat public art

Almost exactly one year ago I wrote an editorial “Come Downtown Now!” about how great it is to cruise around Downtown with your kids. I would like to amend that piece to read “Come Downtown now, but be sure to bring snacks.”

Noted: the photos below are of Roberto Salas’ sol outside of the El Paso Museum of History on Cleveland Square.

El Paso’s Reputation

Does a story like the one about the handjob on the hill, which gives viral marketing a bad name, do damage to El Paso? Or is it so offbeat and silly that it doesn’t reflect poorly on the place where it happened? If the identity of these young coeds is found out, should they be fined for indecent exposure?

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Kids on the Hill

Of course our office is abuzz with the ESPN video clip of the co-eds on the hill at this weekend’s UTEP vs. UT Austin football game (pictured left). The video shows a young lady giving her boyfriend (or whoever he is) a handjob and a kiss, on national television. David K wrote a hilarious open letter, to the UTEP community in general but to the young couple too. Imagine the poor girl’s father when he recognized her daughter on the television screen? Imagine all the high-fives the recipient will get for the next year every time someone recognizes him? And of course Wikipedia has an entry for handjobs. Too bad Bristol didn’t choose to give her hockey a stud a handjob.

Google Earth!

David Crowder wrote a really interesting piece about Google Earth on Newspaper Tree this weekend and I tried out the new application. It is truly amazing. Zooming in from outer space, you can see images of buidlings, streets, cars, etc. Try it out, just be warned that it’s a 33 MG download.

Drill Baby Drill!

Drill Baby Drill! The chant rang out through the crowd on numerous occassions during tonight’s Republican National Convention during most of the speeches. Will it become the part of the lexicon? Read a collection of internet posts on Newspaper Tree and be the judge. Alas, where is all the chatter about Governor Palin’s outfit? Did no one care to weigh in? And where are all the comparisons to Tina Fey? Surely Saturday Night Live writers are thrilled at the new political look-alike! Governor Palin is pictured on the right delivering her speech at the Republican National Convention.