Swinging Toward McCain

So far 5 out of 8 City Council Reps have joined me on Charlando – still waiting for their appearance are Lilly, Quintana and Holguin, Jr. (Judy will get back to me about Eddie’s availability). Ortega (pictured left) and Byrd (pictured right) are repeat guests as we know they are always willing to get in front of a camera or mic, it’s good for them to connect with the public and we all know the public is listening. On yesterday’s show, Ortega admits that he briefly considered swinging to the McCain camp after the veep choice of Palin

(I didn’t admit that I too briefly considered swinging to the McCain camp after reading this morning’s Wall Street Journal account of ‘Hot’ Todd Palin’s (see photo of Hot Todd on left) finishing the last 200 miles of the 2,000 mile Tesoro Iron Dog race with a broken arm. Are you kidding me?) Byrd was perfectly appalled with Ortega over that confession. Lisa T was the star caller of the show, changing her name to mimic me and congratulating the young city council stars on a short city council meeting. Lastly, if any of you are looking, Mr. Ortega is single, 31, college-educated, holds a law degree and likes walking in the rain. Interested parties can send mug shots to charlandoconlagringa@gmail.com.


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