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Calling all local musicians…

Bumper music is a term used in the radio broadcasting industry to refer to short clips of music used to buffer transitions between programming elements. Bumper music is commonly employed when a syndicated program takes a break for local station identification or “goes to commercial.” More often than not called a “Bump” in today’s radio. -Wikipedia

Starting next Wed, Nov. 5th we are going to play locally produced music for the bumper music on Charlando con la Gringa. If you are in a local band, send us a bio and disc of songs! We’ll make sure to credit the band and put your info on the website. Help us promote the local music scene in El Paso and if you aren’t in a band, you can always send us the name of one or point us in the right direction. Email us at


To Palin or not to Palin…That is the question

Today we were confronted with the decision of running the Sarah Palin SNL rap skit or not. On the one hand it would grab countless readers searching for the clip and on the other hand, it’s a clip from SNL – how do our readers benefit from national media like that?

“To post” won as the clip is too brilliantly funny not to run and during this 42-year campaign, all the coverage of serious political news can get a little dry. So why not dump a bucket of water on the whole thing and post a video clip of 16-month pregnant Amy Poehler performing a rap Gov. Palin was too timid to take on.

Click here to watch the rap.

Phun with Photoshop

One of the funnest things about covering politics is the chance to chop off politicians heads and put them onto cartoon characters bodies. Look at what our foreign correspondent Ben Wright did with photoshop…Click here to read the story this cool image goes with and if you like image and want to save it as your screen saver go right ahead and take it! Either way, have phun.

FBI arrests Bob Jones and two other former NCED officials

From a public standpoint, the public corruption investigation that has seen nine individuals plead guilty to charges and one indicted began with the May 2006 search warrant raid by three federal agencies on NCED’s Eastside headquarters and main plant on Allen Bradley.

Click here to read the full story by David Crowder

UTEP Homecoming King and Queen

Last night was so exciting; I participated in my first pageant (as a judge)! As a judge for the UTEP Homecoming Pageant (Bernie Olivas, Miss Teen El Paso, Senator Eliot Shapleigh, Felipa Solis), we had to choose a King and Queen based on spirit, casual and formal wear. It was so fun and all the contestants (15 girls, 11 boys) were adorable and enthusiastic. Here are the winners and we’ll post a slide show later today! Congratulations to everyone!

Q& A with Joyce Wilson

Four years ago, Joyce Wilson was selected as El Paso’s first city manager from a long list of applicants that included a few El Pasoans and others from around the country.

Read the full interview on

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