UTEP Homecoming King and Queen

Last night was so exciting; I participated in my first pageant (as a judge)! As a judge for the UTEP Homecoming Pageant (Bernie Olivas, Miss Teen El Paso, Senator Eliot Shapleigh, Felipa Solis), we had to choose a King and Queen based on spirit, casual and formal wear. It was so fun and all the contestants (15 girls, 11 boys) were adorable and enthusiastic. Here are the winners and we’ll post a slide show later today! Congratulations to everyone!


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  1. todsnyder on

    What is up with the scandal that the HomeComing Queen was a stripper? lol thats doesnt surprise me with these tuff ecomonic times we face college students are finding ways to make money. if that means lowering their standards to get it. books for classes are outrageous!! on top of the other fees and tuition. too bad for her that she had to resign if she did or didnt strip alledgly!!

  2. chic_chick on

    I definately agree. You would think that they would do a backgound check on these students representing UTEP but i guess they don’t. It came to me as a surprise when they told me that they’re sorority and a supporting fraternity was backing them up! Grow up!

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