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New Year’s Resolutions for 2009

The only real NY Resolution we made here at EP Media Group is to really rock in 2009. Not very sexy, I know. But, our Facebook friends from Newspaper Tree are making a big long list of resolutions, here are just a few…

Work out, work out and work out some more.
Edward Guillen tuesday dec 30 1:26 pm

Read and travel more!
Elizabeth Macias tuesday dec 30 1:32 pm

El Valiente swears to protect El Paso…it’s my job!
El Valiente tuesday dec 30 2:09 pm

To continue to embrace life like there were no tomorrows
Jim Marshall tuesday dec 30 3:18 pm

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Home for the Holidays!

Ex pats are going to be crawling all over this city in the following weeks, noticing all the cool changes and great new stores & restaurants. Joseph Villescas is hosting an event on the 27th at the “Percolator, 8:00-12:00 pm, welcome home gathering for el paso expatriates & friends whether you live a thousand miles away or down the street from the percolator (217 n. stanton), join us from 9:00-12:00 on saturday for a welcome home gathering and good conversations about the future of el paso in 2009 and beyond. percolate with old friends during your holiday weekend, catch up on new opportunities emerging throughout el paso, and enjoy the rest of your evening in downtown.”

Chile con Queso Recipes

these recipes are very hard to come by as no one wants to give up the goods. send your recipes to or here. this is one from NPT’s facebook friend Erica Marin (it actually belongs to her aunt)
Chile (jalapeno & california), tomato, onion sauteed in buttter (real butter, pls) in a saucepan add: queso ranchero (little by little) milk (little by little), and more butter/ add salt and pepper to taste. Mix together till melty and hot. It’s a lumpy queso, but it’s delish – Recipe by Bobbie Martinez


“Green” wheels keep on turnin’

The acronym “hpv” may not bring a smile to many, but it sure brings joy to the guys behind the greenest transportation in town. Charles Lauser and Ray Campos, the creators of Green Leaf Pedicab, elaborate on what exactly a “pedicab” is. On their website, the Green Leaf guys explain that a pedicab is also known as “rickshaw,” “bicycle taxi,” or as the aforementioned “hpv” (human powered vehicle).  All pedicabs operated by Charles and Ray are carefully hand-manufactured in the U.S. 

If you haven’t seen these guys riding around downtown, you ought to take a look. For about $25 you can get a tour of downtown El Paso, and with the gorgeous weather we’ve had in December, why not?  Lauser and Campos would be more than happy to have more pedicab operators join their team (and yes, they’re insured). Like most jobs though, this one also has requirements. Applicants must be “strong, healthy, charismatic and willing to work outdoors.” For earning potential at about $20/hr? I may just put the laptop away and bring out my sneakers!  

Look for a full story on Green Leaf Pedicab in the upcoming issue of the El Pasoan.

By Jessica Escalante

Downtown Gets into the Holiday Spirit

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, the holiday season has officially begun. Downtown is particularly festive and there are a host of noteworthy events happening around the area. Here is a list of some holiday fun around Downtown this month:

   Dec. 1. Four favorite “American Idol” finalists are featured in the Idols in Concert for the Holidays music event, as part of the Broadway in El Paso series at the Plaza Theatre. Info: call 915.231.1111.

   Dec. 5 – 7. Another set of Christmas music is offered at Trinity-First United Methodist Church. The El Paso Choral Society Chamber Choir presents the musical celebration. Info: 915.833.0263.

   Dec. 6. The 73rd annual “Christmas in Lights” continues the holiday tradition of San Jacinto Plaza’s spectacular Chrstmas tree lighting. Live entertainment and Santa Claus make this event a treat for the whole family. Info: 915.541.4331.

   Dec. 8 – 17. Throughout the week, you’ve invited to enjoy The Sounds of the Holidays concert, offered in Downtown’s San Jacinto Plaza. Info: 915.541.4331.

   Dec. 14. The Step Up and Aim High Partners Program presents “A Holiday Afternoon with the El Paso Symphony Orchestra.: The annual concert benefits the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation and will be hosted at the Plaza Theatre.

   Dec. 14. The El Paso Symphony Orchestra performs a “Holiday Afternoon Concert.” The concert, hosted at the Plaza Theatre, will feature traditional holiday music for the entire family. Info: 915.532.3776.

   Dec. 17. The 62nd US Army Band will host its annual holiday concert at the Plaza Theatre. Info: 915.568.6056.

   Dec. 21. Under the direction of John Eby, the “Let Heaven and Nature Sing Gloria!” concert will take place at Downtown’s Trinity-First United Methodist Church. Carol singing and other specialty numbers will be part of the event. Info: 915.533.2674.

   Dec. 26 & 28. The Moscow Ballet presents the “Great Russian Nutcracker” at the Plaza Theatre. Info: 915.231.1111.

Why has Judge Anthony Cobos missed two Mondays in a row at Commissioners Court?

At Newspaper Tree, David Crowder recently wrote a piece listing the numerous speculations as to what in the world Judge Anthony Cobos is up to in Washington, D.C. Click here to read the article. One of the most interesting things about the article has been the reader comments coming down hard on NPT like “Really? This is news in El Paso? I understand that Judge Cobos is under investigation by the FBI and the need to hold our County officials accountable. The way you go about reporting, however, smacks of political mudslinging undermining your credibility.” Should we not question our elected officials? Should we ignore the whisperings? Read the article and weigh in. -Lisa