“Green” wheels keep on turnin’

The acronym “hpv” may not bring a smile to many, but it sure brings joy to the guys behind the greenest transportation in town. Charles Lauser and Ray Campos, the creators of Green Leaf Pedicab, elaborate on what exactly a “pedicab” is. On their website, the Green Leaf guys explain that a pedicab is also known as “rickshaw,” “bicycle taxi,” or as the aforementioned “hpv” (human powered vehicle).  All pedicabs operated by Charles and Ray are carefully hand-manufactured in the U.S. 

If you haven’t seen these guys riding around downtown, you ought to take a look. For about $25 you can get a tour of downtown El Paso, and with the gorgeous weather we’ve had in December, why not?  Lauser and Campos would be more than happy to have more pedicab operators join their team (and yes, they’re insured). Like most jobs though, this one also has requirements. Applicants must be “strong, healthy, charismatic and willing to work outdoors.” For earning potential at about $20/hr? I may just put the laptop away and bring out my sneakers!  

Look for a full story on Green Leaf Pedicab in the upcoming issue of the El Pasoan.

By Jessica Escalante


3 comments so far

  1. Pedi Lover on

    These guys are great, I took a ride last week, and it was so fun. I love seeing new things reaching El Paso!!
    Great article!!!

  2. Farrokh on

    Chuck Lauser! He’s awesome. He sometimes takes me to the Walgreens downtown for OJ and Gatorade runs. I love the Green Leaf Pedicab!!


    Ray and I are grateful for everyone’s support. To El Paso Media Group, city council, EPPD, and everyday people working in downtown.

    We love El Paso. Great weather, friendly people, and great cycling!

    SPRING 2009, we will have rental bicycles available to El Pasoans and tourists.



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