EPMG Hired Paul Strelzin

paulstrelzinWhat does that mean for EPMG – lots more people hearing of us for the first time and lots more fans! Strelzin’s fans keep calling and asking where he is and where will he land? We’re looking for airtime so he can have his own show again, and as soon as we solidify a show, we’ll announce it to the masses.

For now, Strelzin’s fans can tune into Charlando con la Gringa, weekdays on 750 AM from 3-5 p.m. to hear him, for instance he’ll be on today from 4-5 and if you love him so much you should really call 915.880.5262.

2 comments so far

  1. Rick on

    Paul is the best. You are so lucky to have him and I wish him a great year and more.


  2. Runner on

    I wish you would invest in developing new talent. The election of new and inexperienced politicians in the El Paso area points to the fact that El Pasoans want new ideas and a different kind of energy.

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