Some Fuel to the Fire

We at El Paso Media Group have made it our mission to showcase the very best of the El Paso. Whether it’s local bands or unique boutiques; top doctors or the most compelling news story, the distinctiveness of the city and its people are the connective thread when it comes to what we promote. In creating our products, we continually strive to introduce the most interesting aspects of El Paso; the newest developments, the most dynamic El Pasoans, the latest and greatest and the little-known gems that make our city what it is.

For most of our short time as a media group, we’ve made up El Paso’s loudest and most enthusiastic (and most eclectic) cheerleading squad, and perhaps this is why we continue to produce fresh and quality content day after day, issue after issue, show after show.

So in the spirit of healthy competition, we welcome El Paso Style  (El Paso Times’ 66 page take on a glossy lifestyle mag) to the neighborhood. I’ve recently leafed through its premiere issue and I am happy to say that they, too, are decidedly pro-El Paso. Many of the magazine’s articles profile the same names and places that have graced the pages of El Paso Magazine and the El Pasoan and I see this as a testament to EPMG’s value and of our firm grasp on the pulse of El Paso. With a staff only a fraction as large as that behind El Paso Style, we produce a 124-page monthly lifestyle magazine, a free Downtown publication, a daily online newspaper, a biannual voter guide and four daily radio shows.

As a privately owned company, we see the arrival of El Paso Style as a welcome partner in promoting El Paso, but also as a bimonthly reminder to keep the fire lit and moving forward. 

-Cassandra Yardeni


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