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Moda Urbana 3.31.09: Walgreens DT EP


I had to chase this subject into the Walgreens to get her picture! Tres chic.


Cha Cha Changes to El Paso Radio

Starting Monday, March 30, hosts Jaime Abeytia and Chris Babcock are joining our team. Listed here is the new lineup:

6-8 a.m.
Refuse the Juice with DavidK
David writes the blog His show focuses on national and local political issues with Republican/conservative commentary and viewpoints. Follow DavidK on Twitter: DavidKShow and Facebook: David Karlsruher.

8-10 a.m.
Charlando con la Gringa with Lisa D
The show focuses on the people and events that make El Paso rock. Make CCLG your daily dose of positive talk radio. Follow LisaD on Twitter: CCLG and Facebook: Charlando con la Gringa.

10 a.m. – noon
The Lion’s Den with Jaime Abeytia
Jaime is a Democratic, with a strong interest and passion for local politics. The author of the, Jaime will provide news and info on local and national politics to include interviews with candidates for election and local politicos. Follow Jaime on Twitter: TheLionStarBlog.

noon -1 p.m.
Newspaper Tree Live with Chris Babcock
Chris is the assignments editor at KVIA-7 and provides headlines of the day to our shows now. He brings breaking news information and headlines of the day to an online audience at and NPT live, with a focus on and content. Follow Chris on Twitter: abc7breaking and Facebook: Chris Babcock.

To join in the conversation for any of these shows, call 915.544.0920 and participate in talk back radio.

Moda Urbana 3.25.09: Bash, the Band

Two members of Bash, Mike (18) and Sebastion (15) pose outside of the Charlando con la Gringa studios at Univison. Listen weekdays at 10 a.m. on 920 AM.


Bash the Band on CCLG

bashthebandListen in today at 10:30 a.m. on 920 AM for an interview with Bash, the Band. Peter Sebastian “Bash” Felix picked up a guitar at the age of 12 and never put it down. He started writing a year later then followed up with arranging and composing songs. He has recorded and put out two original CDs. He has performed live locally and abroad. He is currently writing new songs for the third CD. Peter and the rest of the band will be live in the studio and we’ll play their music too! Listen in and to learn more about the band visiti Today’s interview is part of the Border Tunes on CCLG program, where El Paso bands are invited into the studio for a live interview and the chance to play their music on the radio. Get your music heard and send a disc to 416 N. Stanton, 3rd Floor, El Paso, TX 79901. For more info email me at -L

EPMag Girls Launch Fashion Blog

justicingCassandra Yardeni and Jessica Escalante have launched a very cute new blog about fashion! focuses on fashion tips, trends and personal tidbits from the writers. Both women work at El Paso Media Group, Cassandra is an editor and Jessia is an intern. Check the site on Thursdays for a weekly posting from so that you can set your weekend fashion standard! Congrats to Cassie and Jessica! –L

Social networking does work!

twitter1Today, while doing a remote (920 AM @ 10 a.m.) from Rulis’ International Kitchen ( in Downtown, Al Soto stopped by to read some upcoming events on the air. He mentioned that he logged onto Facebook and saw that we were doing a remote and then he jumped into his car to join us on the air. I’m telling you this, because I’ve had a lot of doubt about the ROI (mainly time) with things like Facebook and Twitter. So I’m converted, they work and they are helping me stay in touch with CCLG listeners and EPMG fans. Please check me out on Facebook: Charlando con la Gringa and most recently I jumped on the Twitter wagon: CCLG! So become my friend, tweet me, and let’s help populate El Paso with some positive, funny news and info!

Charlando con la Gringa is on Facebook!

cclgfbIf want to be friends with La Gringa, please visit our new Facebook page. Check in for upcoming guests, cool pictures, and info about Lisa’s hair. Look up Charlando con la Gringa.

SXSW 09 on CCLG!

jtsxsw_09-21Ack@ All those acronyms, sorry but I couldn’t resist. It stands for South by Southwest 2009 on Charlando con la Gringa! And today we featured El Pasoan Julie Tarwater (pictured left), live from SxSW, talking about all the exciting new things available on the business side of the conference; hyper transparent companies, new websites for the New York Times, how to love the clients you have and social networking tips galore. Tune in later this week for more information about what SXSW 2009 provided attendees. Listen in on 920 AM KQBU, weekdays 10 a.m. to noon. Call in the show at 915.544.0920 or email me (Lisa) at

Radio la Chusma on 920 AM Today!!!

ernierlc_cclg1108Radio la Chusma has been invited to SouthXSouthwest and we’re going to help them raise money to get to Austin! Listen in to today’s show at 11 a.m. and learn how you can help fund their trip.

Slow Food Movement in El Paso

My partner and I spent the last 2 weekends working on our new garden including: tobacco [unfortunately he smokes], sweet and hot varieties of peppers, heirloom tomatoes, green beans, black beans, garbanzos, squash, melon, and strawberries.  Finding good organic produce in this town is so hard we finally just decided to try growing our own.  The economic crisis combined with the drought in CA convinced us that good food will soon be too expensive for us.  

Anyway, I wanted to mention that b/c we have a small lot in central EP we are using square foot gardening which is less space and material intensive than the usual style and may be more accessible for a lot of locals trying to get into gardening.  Another thing to know is that there are FREE seed exchanges like this one: 
and this one for heirloom tomatos:    

And I wanted to point you to this great program in Austin that uses gardening to help “at risk” youth, something that we definitely have here.  

There is an interest in all of this stuff in El Paso, just a lack of a network where interested folks are getting together and actually meeting and then acting on their shared interest/beliefs.

You’re right.  People in El Paso should be especially interested in figuring out ways to provide our own food for own community because we are stuck out here in the desert.  It could easily become completely unaffordable to rely on produce shipped in from across the country.  Thanks for bringing this stuff up on the radio and on line.

Take care