Listenters set the Gringa straight!

cclglogo1It’s one thing to have fans, but it’s another thing to have fans that help you get the facts straight! This morning on CCLG, my board opp/producer Chico David and I spent about 20 minutes talking about the Spanish conquest of the Americas and we both a few facts wrong. For those of your listening today, here is one listener’s attempt at setting the record straight:

1) it’s Hernan Cortez not Juan

2) Cortez dealt with the Aztec’s (and their language of Nahuatl) not
as much with the Maya’s

3) It was pale skin not white hair, but that is up to debate

4) The word Chico David was looking for was Arabic, not Saudi Arabian.
Classical Spanish has a number of Arabic words
( since
they were there for so long.  Heck Aceituna’s (the bar) vs Al-Zaituna
(Mediterranean restaurant) both mean olive.

And at that point I had to turn off the radio, since it looks weird
when you are yelling at the radio, let alone yelling at the radio and
driving at the same time.


Thanks to Carlos, we were able to get the right info out on the air by the time the show was over! Keep listening fans and help us get the right message out!


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