Slow Food Movement in El Paso

My partner and I spent the last 2 weekends working on our new garden including: tobacco [unfortunately he smokes], sweet and hot varieties of peppers, heirloom tomatoes, green beans, black beans, garbanzos, squash, melon, and strawberries.  Finding good organic produce in this town is so hard we finally just decided to try growing our own.  The economic crisis combined with the drought in CA convinced us that good food will soon be too expensive for us.  

Anyway, I wanted to mention that b/c we have a small lot in central EP we are using square foot gardening which is less space and material intensive than the usual style and may be more accessible for a lot of locals trying to get into gardening.  Another thing to know is that there are FREE seed exchanges like this one: 
and this one for heirloom tomatos:    

And I wanted to point you to this great program in Austin that uses gardening to help “at risk” youth, something that we definitely have here.  

There is an interest in all of this stuff in El Paso, just a lack of a network where interested folks are getting together and actually meeting and then acting on their shared interest/beliefs.

You’re right.  People in El Paso should be especially interested in figuring out ways to provide our own food for own community because we are stuck out here in the desert.  It could easily become completely unaffordable to rely on produce shipped in from across the country.  Thanks for bringing this stuff up on the radio and on line.

Take care


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  1. wide open spaces on

    This is fantastic. We, too are growing veggies in our square foot garden. Glad to hear of more like-minded El Pasoans.

  2. Juan Ramirez on

    A “plate for eating slowly” which keeps food hot for full enjoyment has been developed in El Paso TX. Google “HotSmart plates” Excellent for enchiladas.

  3. Juan Ramirez on

    I forgot, I’m sorry; Google “Slow food plates”

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