Cha Cha Changes to El Paso Radio

Starting Monday, March 30, hosts Jaime Abeytia and Chris Babcock are joining our team. Listed here is the new lineup:

6-8 a.m.
Refuse the Juice with DavidK
David writes the blog His show focuses on national and local political issues with Republican/conservative commentary and viewpoints. Follow DavidK on Twitter: DavidKShow and Facebook: David Karlsruher.

8-10 a.m.
Charlando con la Gringa with Lisa D
The show focuses on the people and events that make El Paso rock. Make CCLG your daily dose of positive talk radio. Follow LisaD on Twitter: CCLG and Facebook: Charlando con la Gringa.

10 a.m. – noon
The Lion’s Den with Jaime Abeytia
Jaime is a Democratic, with a strong interest and passion for local politics. The author of the, Jaime will provide news and info on local and national politics to include interviews with candidates for election and local politicos. Follow Jaime on Twitter: TheLionStarBlog.

noon -1 p.m.
Newspaper Tree Live with Chris Babcock
Chris is the assignments editor at KVIA-7 and provides headlines of the day to our shows now. He brings breaking news information and headlines of the day to an online audience at and NPT live, with a focus on and content. Follow Chris on Twitter: abc7breaking and Facebook: Chris Babcock.

To join in the conversation for any of these shows, call 915.544.0920 and participate in talk back radio.


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