The New El Paso Opera Director is HOT!

Check this guy out!


El Paso Opera Board of Trustees recently appointed Mr. David Grabarkewitz as El Paso Opera’s new Director. From the press release: Mr. Grabarkewitz was approached about the Directorship in March when he was working on “The Magic Flute”. He states that he fell in love with the city almost immediately and saw great potential in El Paso Opera. He further stated that he was very impressed with the fact that El Paso Opera was so open to his innovative “Magic Flute” concepts. “In the world of opera, there is a fine line between honoring the traditions of grand opera and trying to appeal to new audiences,” said Mr. Grabakewitz, “El Paso Opera took a chance on me and my Flute concept and it paid off.”  It was the combination though, of a beautiful city, a beautiful opera house, and the enthusiasm of the people of El Paso however, that inspired Mr. Grabarkewitz to say yes to the position.

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