Moda Urbana 5.15.09: Downtown Preppy

Not only did this YOCO have whales on his tie, he was NOT wearing socks with loafers! Is he local? No, he says he’s in town on business from Italy.


Moda Urbana photographers search the El Paso streets, armed only with a camera, to photograph smartly-dressed citizens  post them on this blog.


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  1. Editor in the know on

    If you’re looking for something impressive and if you are an out of towner, I’ve got a whopper for you. There’s a New York City actress who came to El Paso for a brief stay and is currently performing at the El Paso Playhouse. The name of the play is called I NEVER SAW ANOTHER BUTTERFLY. Last performance is on Saturday evening, May 23rd, 8pm. She is getting standing ovations at the end of her monologues and is drawing the crowds in via word of mouth. So if you want to get a real taste of NYC panache in El Paso get yourself and your friends to see this incredible performance.

  2. Cynthia Romero on

    this blog is a breath of fresh air. it’s good to see this going on in ep.


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