Food for Thought from Cinco Puntos Press

Press Release from Cinco Puntos Press:

Sometimes we get so caught up in reading, designing, discussing, thinking about and producing new books that we forget to look back at what we’ve done. It’s a way of looking that we were taught called, “Eating your work,” we chew over the highlights and heartbreaks in the production, and sometimes the heart failures that came with missed deadlines or a typo that wasn’t caught. Then we always think about how proud we are of each book, and of what the author accomplished in imagining and then writing that particular book. We do a little bragging, because we do so love to brag about the books that Cinco Puntos publishes.

And to add flavor to the eating, so to speak, so many of our books are receiving awards this year (Charro Claus & the Tejas Kid, Dance, Nana, Dance, A Perfect Season for Dreaming, Pitch Black, The Smell of Old Lady Perfume, and What Men Call Treasure). Delicious! To see these awards and to sit with us while we eat (and enjoy) our 2008 work, go to the Cinco Puntos Blog.

So, many thanks to all of you for your support of our books!
Lee Merrill Byrd
President, Cinco Puntos Press


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