Moda Urbana: “Whatever the weather, I’m still lookin’ good.”

By Victoria Molinar aka “Giggles”

Even with the windy/rainy weather, I was able to spot people looking fab. The guy with the tats calls himself Flinch. Notice his cartoon artwork of Hello Kitty, Stewie from Family Guy and a Powerpuff girl. And he still looks tough! Nice eyes too…


Moda Urbana photographers search the El Paso streets, armed only with a camera, to photograph smartly-dressed citizens and post the photos on this blog.


2 comments so far

  1. ColdRockAmerica on

    you know, as a dyed in the wool el pasoan, who slaves away every day on fashion and art and what it means to breathe,sweat and cry this f!@#$%g town, i have to thank your blog, because while i have spent many a moment wondering why? Why can’t I get any support? WHY DOESN’T ANYBODY GET IT??? AM I JUST TOTALLY F$%^&*G OUT OF THE LOOP OF COOL? Is EP Mag the arbiter of cool, and in the words of Johnny Cash, have I been “weighed in the balance, and found wanting”? Is the fact of the matter that El Paso is cool now, where I am not? Have the tables turned, and after all those decades of gritting my teeth and wishing we were not ten years behind, that now, El Paso is THE hub, and IT will tell ME what is “COOL”?
    I think not…

  2. ColdRockAmerica on

    You guys are like that old lady in Flowers In The Attic…

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