EP Blogwatch:The Men’s Fashion Blog

Being the arbiter of culture for the Borderland is hard work, but at EPMG we are into it and excited to expose fantastic projects and the fantastic people behind them. This fine Monday morning we are excited to introduce to you The Men’s Fashion Blog written and directed by El Pasoans Farzad, F, Joey D and Dals. The blog  offer tips on bow tie tying, pictures of trendy watches, tips of the day and more. Follow them on Twitter or visit the blog for a daily dose of men’s fashion.



3 comments so far

  1. Sarah on

    I live in Denver and found this website when trying to help my husband be more fashionable. We are so addicted to this website, we check it everyday for sales, new trends, and the drink of the week! KEEP IT UP GUYS! Thanks!


  2. Jorge on

    Great Website! It has helped me alot. Thanks Joey D, I planned a vacation to Denver. I hope it’s worth it!

    Jorge from El Paso

  3. woman ahead on

    Thanks for writing about this blog, I’m waiting for some articles about this topic.

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