Keep El Paso Backward

What is this? Leave it to Refusethe Juice-nik and NPT contributor DavidK to introduce us to a new and exciting campaign! Do any of you know who started this? We’d love to write about them? -Lisa Degliantoni



3 comments so far

  1. Frank on

    not to be an Austin elitist or anything but the Keep (Insert City Name) (Insert adjective) is kinda played out… I think the slogan should be something unique….

  2. coldrockAmerica on

    …you just can’t leave well enough alone…
    I have already moved on, why don’t you guys give it a rest? Cease and desist…you guys get paid to sit around writing, and all you can manage to do is steal from some poor schlub trying to support his family? Real classy. My new slogan and hand drawn, hand printed shirts are ten times as cute as you think you are being…

  3. coldrockAmerica on

    …I just walked into some kind of trap, didn’t I…

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