Mars Volta in the Houston Chronicle


Former El Pasoan Omar Rodriguez-Lopez had this to say about their Texas roots and how it indirectly affects their music.

He says his time in Texas had to have had some influence on him, even if the music he made had little to do with what is typically tagged as Texas music.

“Even if you’d never heard of ‘Texas music’ the fact that I was living in these landscapes and seeing the same things that people who love that music are seeing, that filters through your own set of circumstances. Living in the desert you can’t help but produce a certain kind of sound.

“It seems like any place we’ve had roots, there’s some camaraderie there.”

Later in the story:

He suggests the time he and Bixler-Zavala spent in El Paso in some way informed Cotopaxi. “I can’t help but think we’ve been influenced by stories of the disappearance of all those women in Juarez,” he says.

“One of the themes of this record was disappearances, physical and emotional disappearances.”

Their world tour will make a stop tomorrow in San Antonio.

For more, read here.


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