Weed, legalize it!


The October issue of Texas Monthly is on the newsstands and inside is a little story by Bill Martin justifying the legalization of marijuana. El Paso City Council Rep. Robert O’Rourke is mentioned in both the first 500 and the last 500 words of the article, citing his struggle with attempting to get El Paso and the nation to start a discussion about our failed drug policies in the U.S. and legalize marijuana. Martin makes an interesting case for legalization and we learn that Texas is the reason weed is illegal going back to the 1930s! “In the thirties, the tough times of the Depression heightened the resentment toward Mexican workers, whose drug of choice helped make them an easy target. A Texas state senator who spoke in favor of an anti-pot bill said, ‘All Mexicans are crazy, and this stuff is what makes them crazy.’ ” Pick up your copy of Texas Monthly to read the entire article.

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