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Moda Urbana: Cowgirl Chic

These days, just about everyone is wearing cowboy boots so it’s rare we’re impressed when a girl walks down the street in cowboy boots. But look how cute this girl looks on a Downtown shopping spree, with her casual, flat brown boots. She’s over 5″10 and isn’t too timid to rock boots. Good for her!


Moda Urbana photographers search the El Paso streets, armed only with a camera, to photograph smartly-dressed citizens and post the photos on this blog.


UTEP Prof writes for Newsweek Magazine


UTEP Professor Tony Payan wrote an interesting perspective on our border situation in Newsweek titled Mexico’s Drug War Is Tearing Apart Our Community.”

Read the full article here and be sure to participate in the U.S. War on Drugs Conference 9/21 & 9/22 at UTEP.

Calling all filmmakers, a storm is a coming!

This newsletter just came from Giblert Chavarria of EP Film! Get your cameras ready, El Paso!



Notice to all filmmakers! A storm is headed our way. The next 24 hours look to be a good chance to get one of a kind footage of a severe thunderstorm. Storm clouds, heavy rain, rushing water and possibly some hail are all expcected over the next couple of days. Grab your cameras and lets all be safe out there. For more info visit

Mercado Mayapan needs your help

EPMG received this letter recently and hope that you pass it along.

Women Supporting Women!

The spirit of sisterhood is greater than any barriers that attempt to divide us.  Our grandmothers taught us to form strong bonds as women and help each other in times of need.

Mercado Mayapan is a self-help initiative by women who refuse to be pushed into poverty.  The crisis that emerged at the beginning of September and forced the layoff of 106 workers was the result of ongoing problems with local and federal governments whose bureaucratic decisions take months and years while dire community needs remain in crisis.

Despite the setbacks, the mercado is open!  It is a demonstration of commitment that working women have created as an alternative to economic dependency, not a house of cards.  Furthermore, the women who are currently working as volunteers at Mercado Mayapan and La Mujer Obrera have developed a plan to resolve the crisis and build Mercado Mayapan to its full potential.

Sisters, your time, energy, prayers and monetary contributions can help.  There are different ways that you can help right now!

Attend community celebrations like the Day of the Dead in November.
Invite your family, friends, and out-of-town guests to eat and shop at Mercado Mayapan.  The price of cooked food, fruits, vegetables, meats, groceries and souvenirs is comparable to the markets in Cd. Juárez.

Have your meetings at Mercado Mayapan and purchase food, natural juices, and snacks.
Send a tax-deductible contribution that’s within your budget to the La Mujer Obrera Emergency Fund to support the women who were laid off and are not eligible for unemployment benefits.  Checks can be made out to: LMO -Women Forging Our Future and send to 2000 Texas, El Paso, Texas 79901.
Ask relatives, neighbors, church members, co-workers, and fellow students to support the workers of Mercado Mayapan in whatever way they can.

Attend the September 22nd City Council meeting where the Empowerment Zone Advisory Board’s recommendation for funding for the Mercado Mayapan will be presented and to City Council and voted upon.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  Your beliefs and convictions will determine how you decide to act.  Let’s support the workers at Mercado Mayapan!

News that’s not fun: Man stung nearly 300 times by bees in San Eli

SAN ELIZARIO, TX- Wednesday morning 09-16-09 at 9:30 AM, Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the area near 400 Camino Del La Rosa located in San Elizario, TX in reference to an injured party. Information received indicated three individuals had been attacked by a swarm of bees. Deputies arrived to find that a 35 year-old male who was stung multiple times had already been transported by a friend to a local area hospital.

Click here for the full story.

The War on Drugs: Your Take

Newspaper Tree is raising awareness for the War on Drugs Conference on 9/21-9/22 and will publish related content the week of Sept. 14. We’re asking you to send your perspective on the Drug War to

Words: What does the War on Drugs mean to you, and how do you think it has affected El Paso and Juárez? Please answer in 500 words or less. Send us a lo-res mugshot.

Video: record a 1-minute video on answering the question: what should people know about the war on drugs? When your video is complete, send the url to

Website launch: Franklin Mountains Flora


Claudia Ordaz, Senator Shapeigh’s Communications Director, broke the news of the new site with this announcement today:

Dear Friends,

I want to invite you to take a virtual tour through the Franklin Mountains Flora website we have created. The website details over a hundred of the most common plant species in the Franklin Mountains and offers a Google Earth tour of the different trails the Franklins have to offer.

We ask that you link to your website.

Very truly yours,

Eliot Shapleigh

Website launch: Ayer Eternal Photography


From photographer Luis Rodriguez, “I welcome you to experience for the first time, in breathtaking color and style- a new era in photography. My craft has been around for many years. But now is a different era… A modern remake of a historic art form.” Check out for more photos and Rodriguez’s portfolio.

Moda Urbana 9.15.09: Filipino flare


We ran into the El Paso Magazine Hottest Bartender for 2009, Mike Pajarito today and he was rocking his Filipino flare. The tee from Hawaii and flag belt buckle from Los Angeles both show Pajarito’s team spirit for the Phillipines. Mike is a first-generation American, both of his parents were born in the Phillipines, and he is part of a large Filipino community in El Paso. We’re glad to see the Hottest Bartender is still hot and stylish.

Patrick Swayze’s El Paso Connection


Pictured here are Patrick Swayze (left) and Lisa Garibay of LARGetc.(right). The photo was taken 10 years ago at a premiere party for the indie flick “Three Seasons.” Garibay, a proud El Paso native, has recently returned from a long stint in Los Angeles where she worked in the “industry” which gave her access of Swayze’s caliber. Today’s New York Times headline: Patrick Swayze, Star of ‘Dirty Dancing,’ Dies at 57