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Talkback Radio 920 AM KBQU Launches 2/2/2009

On February 2, in partnership with Univision Radio, El Paso Media Group launches Talkback radio on 920 AM, KQBU. This new frequency will provide listeners with a smarter, hipper lineup in local talk radio, framing the topics and news that matter to this market.

Talkback radio on 920 AM, KQBU will feature the following daily lineup from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.;

• Refuse the Juice with DavidK from 6-8 a.m.
• The Paul Strelzin Show from 8- 10 a.m.
• Charlando con la Gringa with Lisa D. from 10 a.m.– noon
• Newspaper Tree Live with Sito Negron from noon – 1 p.m.

Talkback Radio (noun) – a broadcast in which telephone comments or questions from the public are transmitted live

“The El Paso Media Group team of writers and radio hosts have the ability to frame the issues that matter to this market in a smart and compelling way, which will lead to the best in talk radio this market has to offer. With this project, we’re making our news and opinions available to all audiences at no cost, with video streaming and pod casting capabilities. Univision is the ideal partner in this project with a team of radio professionals that seek to take talk radio to the next level,” says El Paso Media Group publisher and president Keith Mahar.

Tune in to 920 AM and listen live on Feb. 2, starting at 6 a.m. Call in and let us know what you think at 915.544.0920.


Margie from the Eastside

When calls come into the radio show (880-5262), the board operator holds up a piece of paper with first name and side of town, from here I introduce the caller and welcome them into the conversation. Last Friday, Margie from the Eastside called and we invited her into our conversation, we being County Commissioner Veronica Escobar and myself. We had been talking about swimming as a work out option and Margie wanted Veronica to recommend the best swim cap. The fun part of the call was that Margie spoke only Spanish. Veronica answered her and Margie addressed me, saying how nice it was to have met me at the Best of El Paso Party in June with Theresa Fendi de la Cruz, how she listens to the show everyday and that Charlando con la Gringa is such a great show. I replied in my best basic Spanish “si,  gracias and muy amable” as I was scrambling to understand what she was saying. And then Margie hung as the show was over.

A radio show that appeals to a bilingual audience is one thing, a radio show that successfully attracts callers and listeners  (both men and women) to listen and participate in both English and Spanish is truly innovate in the El Paso market, but totally normal in places like Guadalajara, Mexico. See this recent response from a listener: “I had a girlfriend come back from Guadalajara recently and she told me about the radio scene there, this is a city like a mini L.A. the people are totally bilingual like here and they have all English rock with Mexican host and it works. She barely speaks Spanish so she gravitated to the English rock even though she could hardly understand the DJs. You could be the first person to start a bilingual station that is successful. There will be bumps in the road but it is all about your lineup and getting talent that is already familiar … you have a short window here to create something new that has never been successfully done at least not in this market.”

El Paso Media Group has introduced several innovative media projects over the last two years, and this project (Charlando con la Gringa) is yet another example of how we are successfully raising the bar in media in El Paso. If you haven’t listened yet, tune in weekdays from 4-6 p.m. on 750 AM. Help be a part of this new project by listening and calling, you too can hold up the bar up.

My Life in Radio, 3.10.08

I host a radio show on KHRO 1650 AM, Mondays and Fridays from 10-11 a.m. My job as host is to promote and talk about stories in El Paso Magazine, take calls from listeners and interview interesting people, all in a very pro-El Paso stance- it’s totally my speed.

Today on my show, I was joined by Ben Fyffe and Victor Guerroro from the Museum and Cultural Affairs Department (MCAD). They were on to promote an upcoming Education Evening to help introduce the “Downtown Cultural Corridor” (a very sexy phrase to describe the culture cluster that is popping up around the City Hall side of Downtown) to teachers.

Part of the interview focused on a study that came out in 2004 about the benefits for children that participate of 100 minutes of art each week. (100 minutes of art to include drawing, painting, dancing, singing, etc.) The results of the study are so interesting I just had to blog about it!

2004 National AFTA Study Found that students who participate in 100 minutes per week of Arts are:
4 x more likely to be recognized for academic performance
3 x more likely to be elected to class office
4 x more likely to enter a math or science fair
3 x more likely to win an award for school attendance
4 x more likely to win an award for writing an essay or poem
2 x more likely to read for pleasure
4 x more likely to participate in a youth group
4 x more likely to perform community service

So, the next time you are looking for ways to improve your child’s chances of growing up to be a fantastic citizen of the planet, add a little art to their life and wait for the results!

Lisa Degliantoni